MODECOM BASE MC-SHCM-01 smartphone holder

MODECOM BASE MC-SHCM-01 smartphone holder

Attachment to the ventilation grille. Cars and trucks.

Wide range of smartphone adjustment. Strong magnet. Smartphone always in sight.

Ability to use smartphone functions, e.g., tracking on the display while the navigation function is enabled.

Safety and strength of the magnet

The mount has a very strong magnet that holds the device even during bumpy travel.

Convenience of use

Attaching the mount to the air vent is all about the benefits. It does not cover the windshield, you still have an unobstructed view of the road, and your smartphone remains in sight. This allows you to comfortably use navigation or have a hands-free conversation with the camera on.


Mounting on the ventilation grille and magnet is a high convenience of use.

Ball type handle.

The arm mount is "ball-and-socket," which means you can freely change the angle of the device to suit your needs.


The holder does not restrict visibility through the windshield of the car.


Fast and convenient.


Magnetic plate.

and tests

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Safety and convenience with the power of a magnet

The holder has a very strong magnet, which holds the device even during a bumpy trip without negatively affecting the operation of the attached smartphone. The magnetic car mount is made of high quality materials, while the construction is designed with frequent car travel in mind. Mounts to the air vents.



Handle size: 4.2 x 5.8 x 5.3 cm.

Weight: 63 g.

Mounted on the ventilation grille.

Mounting: magnet.

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