MODECOM MC-TPK2-BL VOYAGER backlit wireless keyboard with touchpad

MODECOM MC-TPK2-BL VOYAGER backlit wireless keyboard with touchpad

Wireless keyboard with touchpad

Comfortable and ergonomic for work and study

Sensational for TV

Scissor mechanism

Scissor mechanism

MODECOM MC-TPK2 keyboard is based on a scissor-type mechanism. The scissor mechanism owes its name to the movable and flexible legs, the shape of which resembles scissors. The key attached to the membrane by the "scissor" legs makes typing on the keyboard not only comfortable, but simply pleasant. The user of the keyboard will feel that his fingers are flowing at an even pace on the soft and pleasant to the touch keys. The scissor-type keys respond very quickly to pressure. They also produce a pleasant very quiet sound, heard only by the user. This type of mechanism is commonly used in laptops.

Convenience of working and learning

The MC-TPK2 wireless keyboard is a great solution for the mobile office, aimed at active users looking for uncompromising solutions. Despite its small size and lightweight design, it has all the necessary features you need for comfortable remote work. Function keys make it easy to instantly access the basic functions of the operating system and multimedia programs. The built-in rechargeable battery ensures long operation without the need to purchase additional cells. The keyboard simply needs to be recharged.

Illuminated keys

Thanks to the backlit keys, we can also use it at night, with the lights off.

Wireless technology

The long range of wireless technology makes it possible to work with devices from up to 10m away.

Touch panel with two keys

The built-in two-key touchpad provides high functionality comparable to the best laptops.


Built-in rechargeable battery


12 shortcut keys

and tests

"Modecom MC-TPK2 Voyager is a keyboard that is very positively surprising."

Allegro Inspires

"Modecom MC-TPK2 Voyager is a keyboard that, thanks to its size and weight, will be great not only at home, but also on the go."

Ceneo expert

"The backlighting of the keys and their mechanism, the features of the touchpad, all make this device a brilliant mobile control center."


"As for my impressions of use, they are positive."

Morele TV

"I personally would buy this keyboard."


"The MC-TPK2 from MODECOM is an incredibly functional piece of equipment."


"The keyboard is quite solidly made, I have no comments here."

Wave PC

Soft and tactile keys

The MC-TPK2 keyboard is equipped with a full set of keys and a two-key touchpad. This allows us to type and control the cursor in a very pleasant, easy way, just like in high-end laptops. Thanks to the backlit keys, we can also use it at night, with the lights off.



Dimensions: 330 x 104 x 15.8 mm

Number of keys: 79

Number of shortcut keys: 12

Interface: USB nano receiver, wireless connection in 2.4 GHz ~ 2.48 GHz band

Range: up to 10m

Power supply: 3.7 V, built-in 450 mAh Li-Poly battery

Backlit keys: 6 levels (0 - 5)

Input: microUSB for charging the battery

Average operating time: 10h (light max), 17h (light min), 23h (light off)

Net weight: 450 g

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