MODECOM MC-WM6 mouse is a small device for work and study.

MODECOM MC-WM6 mouse is a small device for work and study.

Wireless technology.

The small size of the mouse.

Energy Optimization Technology.

The product is easy to use and transport.

MODECOM MC-WM6 mouse is a plug and play device. After connecting the nano receiver to the USB port, you only need to wait a few moments, after which the product will be ready for use.

Long range thanks to wireless radio technology.

MODECOM MC-WM6 mouse works on the basis of wireless radio type technology, operating at 2.4 GHz. The radio technology provides a reliable connection and a long range of up to 10 meters*. Thanks to this, you will be able to move freely around the room and change the place of your work without restrictions.


The side surface of the mouse is made of a pleasant-to-the-touch material.


The mouse's light weight is an advantage in its own right - greater mobility, the ability to take it on a trip or business trip, and less hand fatigue while working.


The range of the wireless technology allows you to work with devices up to 10 meters (depending on conditions).


Versatile and practical.


Lightweight and handy.

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Small in size, light in weight, big in capability.

The small size of the mouse will be appreciated by people with smaller hands or all those who simply like to work with small mice. This model will also work well when working with a laptop - it will fit into most laptop bags.



Sensor: optical

Resolution range: 800 / 1600 DPI

Interface: USB

Receiver: Nano USB

Dimensions: 90 x 56.5 x 39 mm

Operating system: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Power supply: 1 x AA battery (1.5V --- 11mA)

Color: black, silver

Weight: 66 g net

Type: wireless

Cable length: not applicable

Number of buttons: 4

Backlighting: none

Purpose: home / office

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