MC-831 Rage


MODECOM Volcano MC-831 Rage is a product designed to provide comfortable and pleasant use

MODECOM Volcano MC-831 Rage is a product designed to provide comfortable and pleasant use

High-quality sound achieved through 50 millimeter drivers.

The clarity of the sound allows you to get an edge when playing. They will also work well during work and study.

Earmuff cushions made of comfortable eco-leather.

Headphones for gamers

MODECOM VOLCANO MC-831 RAGE is a wired closed-type headphones, designed specifically for demanding gamers. This product, referring by its design to the equipment of a fighter plane pilot, should find itself in the kit of every fan of computer action games.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the MC-831 RAGE headphones will provide the user with hours and hours of comfortable entertainment at the highest level without feeling tired.

Meet the headphones

The construction of MODECOM MC-831 RAGE headphones uses high-quality membranes that faithfully reflect the surround sound found in action games in particular. In addition, the massive construction of the capsules provides an excellent barrier to external sounds. These key features enhance the quality of the ongoing gameplay, allowing the user, among other things, to instantly locate from which side a virtual opponent is approaching him.

Convenience of use

MODECOM MC-831 RAGE is a product designed to provide comfortable and pleasant use. Particularly noteworthy are those elements that adhere to the player's body during use, namely the headband and headphone cushions. In the interest of maximum comfort, these two key elements are made of soft and tactile materials that provide comfort even during intense gaming. In addition, fully free play of virtual skirmishes is ensured by a long (2.2m) and damage-resistant braided power cable.

Beautiful red

Red color is a distinctive feature of gaming equipment. It is one of the more vibrant and intense colors. It often symbolizes passions and passion.

The sound of gaming

Enter the world of gaming and forget about the reality around you. Enjoy the latest technological solutions and play at your best. Or just spend a nice and comfortable time while working or studying. It's your choice, we just gave you the tool.





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The microphone is swivelable from inside one capsule of the headset - a quick, easy and convenient way to tuck it away when not needed (for example, when playing single player games or listening to music). MODECOM MC-831 RAGE is a product that also allows you to communicate with other players during online games. Placed on a special headband, the highly sensitive microphone allows you to instantly establish a conversation with other users. The microphone can be turned off at any time using the remote control located on the cable.


Model: MC-831 RAGE

Diameter of transducers: Ø50mm

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity: 113dB±3dB

Cable length: 2,2 m

Interface: 2 x 3.5mm mini jack

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